Monday, December 22, 2014

Review of the Year 2014 and a look forwards to 2015

Following the extreme, for me, efforts of last year when I was training for the inaugural London 100 Event, this year was planned to be much more sedate; and so it proved.

The bare statistics support that fact.

                           Total distance = 5036km
                           Total ascent    = 34321m
                           Energy expended = 101397 calories
                           Time in. The saddle = 266 hours

Whilst more than 20% down on the previous year, I did manage to achieve my goals.

The main event was to complete my first cycling tour and ride Coast to Coast and this was done. In hindsight I have mixed views about this. The scenery was beautiful, the weather gorgeous but, much of the route was on poorly maintained cycle paths were I feared for both my bike and myself. In the event the Mercian managed fine but my body took a hammering from the never ending potholes and rock strewn paths.

It is perhaps a small sign of my progression as a cyclist that on the spur of the moment I entered a 110k audax, an event which had been my major lifetime achievement goal in 2012. This time the weather was the worst ever recorded for the event, but, in spite of this, I rode the distance 45 minutes quicker than my first attempt.

The number of posts published on this blog has dropped considerably and perhaps that is a sign it may have run its course.

I have been forced to end my cycling year early due to a damaged knee but despite this I have begun to look forward to my objectives for 2015.

A friend has kindly invited me over to Harrogate to explore some of the local cycling routes in Yorkshire and hopefully one ( at least ) of their famous tea shops.

I have been pondering a major challenge and toyed with the idea of riding the classic (?) Derby to Skegness route in a day, another 164 km adventure. The route is fairly flat, but that was what they told me when I cycled  C2C and they were lying!

Anyway I have got the route, loaded it onto my Garmin and last night someone offered to tide with me. He is young, very fit and an excellent bike mechanic, so , really, I am not sure I have any excuses left not to attempt it.

So there it is, the big aim for 2015 is to ride the 100 mile Derby to Skegness in a day

All I need to do now is to get fit!!

And with my annuity target this year being 1932km, with again an upper goal of 5000km, the year is planned.

PS. I may also have mentioned something about not being competitive any more