Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Healthy in Body and Mind ?

A new year comes with new resolutions to get fitter and slimmer. But this year there is the added incentive that I have to be able to cycle 100 miles around the Olympic Road Race course in London come August.

This whole project has two strands, one related to getting into a physical condition to be able to complete such a challenge, and the second to raise both sponsorship and awareness of my chosen charity Mind.

I am intending to keep a running total of distances covered in my training and so far this year I have managed

Total distance =169km
Total climbing = 1395m
Longest ride = 53.8km

The last number is perhaps the most significant as I have got to get this up to 160km by August.

In order to try and improve my aerobic capacity I have returned, after an absence of about 20 years, to swimming. In my youth there used to be separate changing rooms for boys and girls but these days it seems unisex has taken over with just a load of cubicles and a row of lockers. Nearly had a very embarrassing incident on my first visit back :-() I  have never been any good at swimming so have just set myself a goal of completing 25km this year, so far

Swimming Distance = 5.65km

so perhaps a little ahead of target.

I also am aiming to lose a little weight with the aim of getting down to 73kg from my current 75kg

It was one of my sons who tempted me into doing this challenge and so we are entering as  Team Roberts and for everyone who sponsors us at

they will receive a free Booklet containing over 20 recipes for Cycling Food on the Go.

Cycling in winter results in cold fingers but one way to help prevent your digits falling off is to wear a pair of  hand made and crocheted wrist warmers. There are a myriad of very tiny blood vessels flowing through your wrists and feeding the circulation to your fingers. The thought is that by warming this blood flow then your fingers too will feel the benefit. Whatever the science, they really are a piece of true craft work and we are now offering these, in any colour of your choice for £5 + p&p with all profits going to our charity.

To obtain your pair then just go to MissyBCrafts where you will be able to order a pair made just for you!


  1. I am aiming to lose a little weight too Peter for my ten countries ride (10in10)...I need to go from 79KG down to your current weight of 75kg. That was the weight I was when I rode back from Gibraltar, so it should be enough.
    When you get to 73kg you will fly up Box hill!!


  2. Keep going Peter. Don't forget that in training, you only need to make sure that you can comfortably ride 85-90 miles to then be able to do the 100 miles in London. When i did the London to Paris where each day was a minimum of 110miles a day, i never did any ride in training over 80ish miles. However i did do a 'stage 1' recce both years, which helped.

    Also don't forget that London simply isn't as hilly as yorkshire, so if you can do 60-70 miles very hilly easily, you'll smash it around london.

    Come up with an excel spreadsheet, plot targets - so you have 6 months. So long as yoiu are able to do 80miles with around 1200 meters of by May/June you'll be fine.

    So long as you can do the 80, your bum will be able to cope with 100 miles - your fitness will just go with it :-)

  3. Thank you for your comments and encouragement. I listen/read all the advice given and try and take it on board. I suspect that Box Hill may not be as fearsome as I fear, and that cycling in the derbyshire peaks will stand me in good stead.