Friday, October 17, 2014

A Vintage Love Affair

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A Vintage Love Affair

For forty years of married bliss,
A time that's scented with a kiss,
We've toured the lanes both far and wide,
Never looking for a place to hide,
Avoiding every precipice.

Sometimes there's been a small crisis.
But naught disturbs this married bliss.
My trusty friend stayed by my side
For forty years.

Our frames show signs of arthritis.
Long hard trips are given a miss.
Waiting for the incoming tide,
Bicycle standing by my side.
This Mercian has given me such bliss
For forty years.

©Peter Roberts 2014

                                                             My 1961 Mercian Audax


  1. carbon bike is what you need // taking you to the greatest speed // a feel of riding on air // the competition is anything but fair // with a frame at almost no weight // you can climb to the ultimate height // when you down the hill descend // you can corner without a bend // when after 100 miles u at home // you don't feel like a lost gnome // carbon is your friend (Derby poetry team rejoice!!!)

  2. I love it. I wish I'd taken such good care of my dad's old bike.

    1. Thank you David. Hopefully it has got many rides left in it yet.

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