Monday, November 13, 2017

The Derby Mercury All Inclusive Poppy Ride

For those who have been following my posts you may well recall my report on the first Mercury All Inclusive Social Ride , an event which attracted well over 30 riders of all ages and abilities. You may also recall that the leader, Dave B managed to set a world record for attrition with only 8 survivors making it grovelling to the finish line.

For the Poppy Remembrance Ride, once again over 35 riders gathered at Broadway for the  event.  This time though, due to the mud and freezing temperatures, there were two echelons, the Off Roaders and the Overlanders with the Touring Secretary Nigel C leading the Muddy Ones and Ian S leading the Road Warriors. Meticulous planning by our famed duo had arranged for the groups to intersect at various points along the route before finally all meeting up at the Queen's Head in Little Eaton for food and refreshment.

Sadly I have to report that only 2 riders managed to complete the designated route and neither of them were the ride leaders.

Indeed it was only the Lanterne Rouge, ( Lorraine and myself ) who did actually complete the journey.

And so a new Attrition World Record was set. Step Forward Nigel and Ian !

This ride was different to the other Social Rides in that there was a time cut off of 11-00 to reach the War Memorial at Weston Underwood

 but a delayed start, punctures, and the hills, ( oh those hills! ), meant that the Overlanders were always struggling to meet the target time. Indeed Mugginton Mountain with its conveniently placed graveyard on its summit managed to decimate the peleton and only a few survivors made it the top .

Withe the blustery wind, and temperatures trying valiantly to get into positive territory, refreshment and a warm welcome was urgently needed.

However the conditions must have been so severe that the Off Roaders could stand the conditions no more and took refuge at a hostelry in Holbrook rather than go to the designated meeting point.

Meanwhile the main peleton continued to splinter and the excuses for leaving the plan were both varied and creative. Julie thought her dog might be missing her, Ian claimed to have lost a son, Gill thought her daughter was in danger of getting cold whilst others had just given up the will to live.

And so, this was a Social Ride WITHOUT a cake stop !

Though in conclusion, someone managed to heartily refuel


  1. Peter--I couldn't help but to think of your ride as a "war of attrition". Imagine if races were ridden that way: Only a handful of riders would finish the Tour, Giro, Vuelta or Milk Race!

    You should be proud of yourself--especially since it was a social ride without a cake stop!

    1. It was a , well...err...bracing ride. And very enjoyable :-)

  2. Ha..Ha... that lad in the last photo is really tucking in.... That's a real action shot..!!

    1. He will be an Audax Rider of the future..huge engine and only 10 years old