Sunday, December 31, 2017

Hopes and Aspirations for 2018

It is important that I write this NOW!

If I don't and the new year commences then some how it will lose its personal impact

2017 was salutatory in a way for my cycling as I realised, and now accept, that age was catching up and powers were beginning to ebb away

I have always loved numbers since I was a toddler and still remember the time I was a choir boy and used to factorise the hymn numbers and check them for primality during the vicar's sermon.

Having targets also motivates me and gives me enjoyment as I can then play around with the streams of personal cycling data that Garmin produces

So here are my ambitions and hopes for 2018

1.  To cycle between 1450 and 4000 km

2. To cycle regularly with the Derby Mercury Veterans and Friends on their mid week rides

3. To join, if only for half the trip, on some of the Derby Mercury All Inclusive Social Rides

4. To complete the entire Mercury 80th Anniversary Ride even if I have to do it solo

5. To get to Harrogate, cycle and visit Betty's Tea Shop before end of May.

6. To use Belisha Brompton and explore further afield using the train and my Senior RailCard

7. To just enjoy being out on a bike

If I manage 80% of that then I will deem the year to have been a success

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  1. I wish you well for these hopes and aspirations for 2018 Peter...
    I feel that I am lucky as so far (even though I am approaching my 70th) I don't appear to have lost any of my speed or hill climbing abilities) however it is something that no doubt I will need to be prepared for as time marches on...